Shopping And Dining

We've assembled a list of great local shopping and dining options - which we are a bit partial to: 

If you like Mexican food, and it's Monday - drive six miles to Destino's in Chatham - $15 gets you an appetizer, entree and a margarita!  Most of the food is of local origins.      



Albany has Jack's Oyster House, we have Jackson's Old Chatham House.  The same family has operated this classic country pub since 1944.  Sit by the wood stove and scarf down a really great cheeseburger.  On Friday, get there early for Prime Rib.  Tuesday and Thurday they have a 2 for $20 deal.  One appetizer and two entree's, just $20.


If it's Saturday morning, head across the street to the Old Chatham Country Store, simply the best pancakes.

On any day, Zvi Cohen, who also owns Destino's, operates Our Daily Bread in Chatham.  Eat one of his free range egg omlets, discover what eggs are really supposed to taste like.  Breakfast and lunch rocks here - plus they serve booze!

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza: 

Start with Four Brothers - right at the circle - it's Greek style and on Wednesday they have spaghetti and meatballs for $6.  Then venture to Hudson and try Baba Louie's -  we will leave it at that!

Chris' cafe makes an excellent New York style pie, plus they have a good cafe menu, Mark's Pizza delivers, as does LaBella's - who gets a special note, because their restaurant has a great vibe, and really good dinner menu.


At the end of the block (literally) is the Carolina House - southern style dishes and a great bar menu.  Get in on the point system!

If it's Saturday or Sunday or anyday, and you're really hung over, Bob's diner in Greenport gets you all the greasy breakfast/lunch/dinner you want for less than the price of McDonald's.  Yes we have McDonald's in Kinderhook and Dunkin Donuts.

Hudson Dining in Hudson is an experience.  It's literally world class.  Ten minutes away is this community that might as well be Brooklyn North.  The best restauranteurs in Manhattan have traveled here to stake their claim - if you're a foodie - you'll love Hudson! Fish and Game - nominated for the James Beard award, Swoon, Local 111,VicoCaMEAHelsinki (yes they left Massachusetts and moved to Hudson), Grazin DinerThe Crimson SparrowMexican Radio (they were here before they opened in Schenectady)  ApperitiviDaBa, - be sure to read the Huffington Post Article! - this is a genuniely European experience -

Also in Hudson There's Lick, the Spoty DogCafe Le PercheCascade's lunch cafe, Swallow, the Red DotEarth Foods and great barbecue at American Glory and last, for some great German dishes try Wunder Bar.  Also great (and cheap) mexican at Coyote Flaco just a few miles out of town.  Chains - yes we also have Applebees, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, A & W, and Burger King.  Again, 15 mins in either direction.

 Whether you are banking, going to the dry cleaner, or the hardware store, it won't be long before the properitors know your first name.  Mario's Tru Value Hardware has everything you could ever need to fix your home.  Everything!  Emkay Dry Cleaner's does a great job - Leyla can sow away all your worries. Plus there's three banks, a Hannaford's, two great wine stores,a dollar store, great Chinese at King's Wok, people to fix your car, change your tires, Lowe'sWalMart, Kohl's, Peebles, and Ocean State Job Lot.  We have three gym options - Planet Fitness in Hudson and East Greenbush and Club Life in Valatie.  - By the way, did you know that all those really big lampshades that hang in the entrance to every  Victoria's Secret store, are made in Kinderhook?



Country life = shooting, and for that we head to Shooter's