It's about passion.

Passion for our work and our product.

That's what makes this community so special. Find that passion in our local restaurants and stores. It's not easily reproduced.

Life's different here...

So is the dining and shopping experience.  The vast majority of our local restaurants and stores are family owned and operated.  That means you'll encounter people who genuinely care about you, the customer.  And no, you really aren't in the boonies, drive no more than 15 minutes in either direction and you can encounter a slew of chain stores and restaurants.  There's no traffic here (and few traffic lights), so when we point out that a destination is six miles away, that means it's going to take maybe seven minutes to get there. If it's in town and two miles away, it might take four minutes.  It's a true pleasure  -  just take a short walk into the village, or get in the car and go.

ATTENTION  - ADDICTION SHALL FOLLOW -  YOU MUST GO TO GOLDEN HARVEST - SIMPLY THE WORLD'S BEST CIDER DONUT. Made every morning by 9 am and mid afternoon - except apple season, when they can't make them fast enough and people lining up  to buy fresh donuts actually cause one of our few traffic jams.  Lines get so long, the Sheriff's Department has to direct the traffic.  Golden Harvest is also the distillar of  CORE Apple Vodka see below:

New York Citys Finest Restaurateurs In Your Back Yard

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